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November 26, 2012
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2012 Kaiju Kards Set 8 by fbwash 2012 Kaiju Kards Set 8 by fbwash
Hey Everyone - I just completed 4 more awesome Kaiju Kards :
Card Puzzle 1 - Gigan
Card Puzzle 2 - Jet Jaguar
Card Puzzle 3 - Matango
Card Puzzle 4 - Maguma
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PTGould Oct 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
All those cards are fantastic, but that Matango card is my favorite! One of my favorite Japanese Tokusatsu movies & one most people still don't know about, but should.
where is Matango from?
here in the states is was called "Attack Of The Mushroom People"
earthbaragon Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the Gigan card really stole the show on this set. It is really the most original concept on the monster. The purple outline really helps to pull out the monster alot. Overall it is an amazing idea.

The Jet Jaguar is pretty nice. It's a cool fight stance and I do like that you get a glimps of the monster that he is fighting with it's tentacles set against the building's face.

Mantago is Mantago lol. It just a very stiff over-sized cancerous looking mushroom thing :) But I do like that fact that you gave the piece a little life with it chasing after someone. But as slow as they are in the film, unless that guy breaks his leg, there is no way that thing is going to chase him down. Not unless he goes in the Jason Vorhess school of murder and just magically appear behind every tree the guy runs behind lol.

The Maguma is another really well exectued piece. You pretty much did capture the scene in the film. Face is a bit odd, but that is just the style you do and I do like it alot :) Very good set
Thanks EB, I always love when a person views my work and breaks it down to"What Appeals" to them, In looking at the piece. It is the deconstruction of what makes the piece work... Or not work, which helps a true artisan to grow in their craft... And comments like yours have aided in inspiring me to do more of these genre pieces ;)
Firelord55555 Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome you always have amazing work franky
Thanks bro, I'm steadily working at it - LOL
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